Multiple Popular Games for Effective Interactive Marketing
No coding required! Simply use our templates and create your interactive campaign in just 3 minutes.
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Social Media Communication
Connect to multiple mainstream social platforms and easily copy and share activities with one click
Guide participants to follow your social media accounts to help you quickly increase your followers
Bring a large number of likes and reposts to your social posts to enhance interactivity
Mission-Based Fission
We recommend that you set up tasks such as inviting friends and forwarding tweets to provide additional participation opportunities for participants who recommend friends, and encourage them to actively spread fission.
Comply with Regulations to Collect Customer Data
Features like identity verification and custom forms can help you collect valuable user data with the consent of participants, all in compliance with regulations.
Event Data Analysis
We provide multi-dimensional reporting data to track the effectiveness of your activities, including activity overview, regional data, source statistics, etc.
What our customers say
As a digital marketing professional, I can't praise this marketing tool enough. Firstly, it allows for the quick creation of engaging mini-games, which adds a lot of fun and interactivity to our marketing campaigns. Customer engagement has significantly increased, and the gamified marketing approach makes our brand more approachable.
The extensive template library is not only diverse in styles but also easy to use, allowing our team to easily handle various marketing scenarios. The task-based viral marketing feature, by setting up interesting tasks and reward mechanisms, encourages our users to spontaneously invite friends to participate, creating a self-propagating effect and significantly reducing marketing costs. This marketing tool has greatly improved our work efficiency and marketing effectiveness.
Since we started using this marketing tool, our marketing campaigns have achieved remarkable results. Its biggest highlight is the ability to quickly create engaging mini-games, which are not only easy to operate but also significantly increase user engagement and interaction. The extensive template library also allows us to easily find designs suitable for various scenarios, greatly saving our time and effort.
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